Using ShootProof for Real Estate Photography

  • 1 September 2020
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Using ShootProof for Real Estate Photography

As an advertising photographer I don’t sell prints. My clients don’t want them...but they do want files and we both want simplicity.  I wanted to share how I’m using ShootProof to deliver photos and video to my real estate clients...the stubbornness is over! (at least with this anyway). Take a look!


After spending time with the ShootProof team at ImagingUSA 2020, I decided to stop putting off utilizing the automation and features of the product. I can not believe that I typed the same email for years and years copying and pasting a gallery link when I can do it through Shootproof!  Instead, I now have a template for sharing the gallery that is essentially a push of a button.

Realtors need specifically sized photos for their online listings. Super easy of course to create a download rule specifically to that size (save it as a template!), so that my clients don’t have to worry about re-sizing their images. To keep it simple I build usage fees into my quotes so that the gallery can be set up as free download.


Agents often have colleagues also needing access to the photos for listing. After setting up an email campaign to alert the client when the gallery is expiring all I have to do is turn on Send Email Campaign and all visitors will be notified...and be reminded of me and my work.  Say my name! 

My real estate clients have other needs. Using the welcome message to share videos and links to Matterport 3D Walkthroughs has been an aha moment. Being able to embed their video into the welcome message is a very unique, very professional presentation. The client has everything in one place and I again, have one Share Gallery automated email.


A story I wanted to also share is that I recently had a competitor pass away. It’s been very interesting to hear the feedback from his clients about my gallery and how I am using it compared to what they were getting. I heard dropbox horror stories; ones that I’ve shared personally. They had to pay for dropbox, they had to hunt for separate files sizes or create their own smaller files. And dropbox is not at all. Ha!  Not to mention links to other assets such as video and Matterport walkthroughs had to be sent separately.

This is my 25th year as a professional photographer. I love ShootProof, I love that it has grown with me in my business. I don’t know why I resisted using more of the features until now. The time savings is allowing me to do more work. More time focusing on what matters most. Ha!  I couldn’t resist.


3 replies


Hi. I do plenty of real estate and deliver through here, but I don’t understand how you say you deliver video? I don’t have Matterport but I do create plenty of mp4 walk through videos that I have to deliver by other means?  Am I missing a video file delivery feature?


I use the Gallery Into Message to either embed a video (from Vimeo with download enabled) or share multiple

links to videos and Matterport in a text formatted message. Click the gallery link in my post to see an example. 

in the Gallery Settings under Layout you will find Gallery Into Message settings. Currently Shootproof does not allow for video clips. I asked a few years ago but...I think it’s a file size issue. Perhaps it’s a player issue.

Discovering the Gallery Intro Message has been a great work around. If I were to ask again I would include the request to allow pngs. My product photography clients that request transparent backgrounds would love that. 


Ah, ok. I see what you mean now. I usually deliver 4 versions of the video. I never through to put the links in the gallery email. Without better options out there, I use my Google Drive to share these files. 

yes I agree it would be great if Shootproof allowed more file types such as mp4 or png. 


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