Sending Gallery Expiration Notices out of Nowhere?

  • 3 September 2020
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Hey Shootproof fam! 

I started using Shootproof when I started shooting events--mostly private parties and corporate events. Not full weddings. 

I never mentioned anything about expiration dates to anyone because I honestly wasn’t thinking that far ahead/was pretty new to all of this. Now, two years or so down the road I’d like to archive some of those galleries and get the space back to add more photos. 

Would it be weird to send a bulk e-mail to all my clients who are at least a year old to notify them that their galleries are expiring? It sort of feels in poor form to me, but I don’t know a good way to go about it.

I’’ve learned alot about the client experience in the past couple years and feel like I’ve gotten myself into an awkward spot.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

2 replies


in my opinion? no. Just Archive them, or remove the galleries after backing them up to your hard drive. No need if they are a year old. if they ask, just tell them you archived them and you can make them available again as per your business practice.

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Hi @JoeUPhoto,


I can totally understand where you are coming from on this, you never want to do something that makes you look bad to your clients. I think it would be fine to close them out and let the system send out the email notification, as a matter of fact, it may even generate a little business for you. Think of it as a subtle reminder to your clients (hey I am here! Want to order some more photos?). It could also spark some of your existing clients to book another shoot. The worst case scenario would be a client wondering why they got an email out of nowhere. I think there is more upside possibility than downside.


If they call you wondering why? That is a good opportunity to engage with your client and possibly setup a shoot!


Good luck!


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