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  • 23 February 2021
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I was just checking the prices of the products from Bay Lab and the prices for customers are the same as the price they are giving to us as wholesale. How can I explain to my clients my higher prices when they can simply go directly to Bay Lab and buy it cheaper.

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2 replies

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Assuming that you are not giving them the digital files at the end of the session,  you don’t usually have to explain to them why your prices are more expensive.  It is generally understood that you are not a lab, but a boutique photographer, selling once in a lifetime images that took your time, skills and expertise to capture, process and deliver.   If you’ve given or sold them the digital and expect a sale,  don’t expect it because they will be staring at your prices and say...thank you very much, we have what we need.   If you are NOT giving away your digitals, and only selling products,  you are their only path to products and if you’ve sold yourself right, they should be valuing what you do for them, including the time it takes to be a concierge for all the products they want and willing to pay more  Hope that helps.

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Hi @EdnaTakeda Geller,

If you are providing your clients the digital images, there is nothing stopping them from going someplace else and printing the photos except you. They still need your photo release to be able to print them. As @KevinHedin was explaining in his post, you don’t need to explain your pricing. You need to SELL your product, not explain. The standard consumer won’t know anything about BayPhoto, Miller’s, etc. they will think Walgreens or CVS. I’ve given digital images to clients and explained they can take them to CVS or they can order straight from their gallery and not have to deal with anything, get better prints, and will be a much easier and better option. That usually works out. Clients usually don’t know enough about the types of paper, crops, etc. to go out and save a few bucks by trying to do it all themselves, they typically rely on your professional opinion. If you have a client that insists on trying to skirt the system, either cut them loose and move on, or just don’t provide the digital images :)

Hope that helps add clarity to your question.



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