Launch a Limited-Time Offer in 5 Steps

  • 20 November 2020
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Launch a Limited-Time Offer in 5 Steps
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Not sure what to do for Black Friday or want to run a limited-time sale? 

We got you! In this 5-day series,  we guide you through deciding and setting up a limited sale. This is not a step-by-step guide on how to set up each of these steps within your ShootProof account; instead we focus on the strategy behind these decisions and making the best choices for your business. For questions on specific steps, please leave a comment on the corresponding article and tag me (Megan!). Each video is about 12 minutes long, so in under an hour you can watch each of the videos, outline your steps, and be ready to launch your offer! 


Step 1: Choose Your Offer

In this article & video, potential offers are suggested for your selection, along with rationale for which might be the best choice for you and your business. 


Step 2: Set Up Price Sheets

Should you just add your offer to an existing price sheet or set up an entirely new one? Pros & Cons are discussed in this article & video. 


 Step 3: Determine Timing & Organize Work

The sales holidays in November are discussed; you can run this offer at another time of the year though. Don’t be afraid to use this framework throughout the year.


Step 4: Create Email Campaigns

Customize ShootProof’s email campaigns to market your offer to customers & gallery visitors.


 Step 5: Review, Test, Launch🚀!

Review the previous details, make sure settings are set using Bulk Actions for Galleries, test with a test gallery, and launch! 



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