Late wedding balance - what would you do?

  • 30 December 2020
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Dear #AskShootProof,

My contract states that wedding balances are due 10 days before the wedding date. But my client for this weekend's NYE wedding just messaged me that she won't be able to pay me until the Friday after her wedding—a full week late. (She apologized profusely, but she didn't provide any other details.) Contractually, I could just flat-out tell her "no." But I want to keep this client's experience positive. She's been really great to work with thus far, and all her other payments have been made on time. What would you do if you were in my shoes?



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2 replies


I have been in this same situation. I was doing a low budget wedding and they would pay the day off instead of the required ahead of time. needing the money, I opted to go ahead. it was a disaster from start to finish….asking for a lot of extras that we hadn’t agreed to, etc. If you’ve dealt with this person for a while and your gut feels ok with it. I would say go ahead. I have to do that for my other job where we require a purchase order before we place an order, but sometimes, we just have to order things and know the customer will send the paperwork ASAP as they have an emergency.


I’m sure you have covered that the payments are not refundable and I wouldn’t give her anything until she’s paid in full.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, @thispix4u ! I think “don’t give them anything until paid in full” is a key takeaway. 


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