Get Focused with Your FREE Yearly Photography Planner

  • 23 December 2020
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Get Focused with Your FREE Yearly Photography Planner
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Last year, our incredible team created a yearly planner for photographers, designed to bring clarity to your priorities and create plans to achieve your dreams. You’re likely creating your plans for how 2021 will be so much better than 2020.  An excerpt from the original blog post  where the planner can be found is below. Follow the link to download the planner – use it digitally or print it out (and black marker right over 2020) to use it for 2021!


Your New Year’s resolution is set: to eat more vegetables, read one book a week, cut back on screen time… Or perhaps you’ve adopted a focus theme, calling this your “year of yes,” or “year of no,” or “year I quit adopting all the stray cats.”


But do you have a resolution for your photography business?

It’s important to find a fresh focus and purpose. Renew your commitment to creativity and your clients with refreshed goals, fine-tuned for the next 12 months. By outlining your goals, establishing your priorities, and taking a deep-dive into your dreams, you’ll build a business that’s more successful – and more fulfilling – than the years before.


Continue reading & download planner


Written by ANNE SIMONE | Photograph by JEN BILODEAU | Planning Guide created by RACHEL LACOUR NIESEN

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Id love to download this planner, but you already have my email and I wont recieve the planner when I enter my information!

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@CatrinaWilliams  have you tried? I just tried and was successful with the email associated with my ShootProof account! Give it a shot and let me know.


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