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  • 30 January 2021
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From SP to me.   SP has obviously not heard of Brexit and don't really care about photographers in Europe. 

“Hi Paul,
Happy New Year! We do not have any immediate plans to expand beyond our current international lab fulfilment partners at this time. “
We appreciate your feedback!

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4 replies

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Hi @PaulOatway

I’m sorry that this comes across as ShootProof not caring; that was not at all the intention. That being said, we are a US based company,  so our experience with Brexit isn’t as personal as yours. Can you help us understand? If you don’t mind sharing how this impacts your business,  I will share it with the team. 


Wij hebben een eigen labo en kunnen binnen Europa wel leveren. Is dit een optie?

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@Marc Daems  I used Google translate, so hopefully it was correct. To use your own print lab, you’d set the price sheet up as “Self-fulfilled” and fulfill the orders yourself instead of forwarding them to a lab directly from within ShootProof. Does that answer your question?


Sorry, we have our own lab and can deliver throughout Europe. Prints, canvas, forex, dibond, plexi, wood, gadgets, ... it's all part of our range. Are you interested in this?


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