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  • 15 October 2020
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Is it possible to bypass the selling fee with shootproof?

I like the idea of the whole thing being seamless, but not the idea of losing 3.9% on sales.

Is it possible the client can make the order and pay me via a separate invoice...then I send their waiting order to the lab?

Thanks, Hannah.

2 replies

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That 3.9% is part of the processing fee for having items fulfilled directly by the labs Shootproof uses. You could have a client go in and order from you, but I think you would have to do all items in your price sheet as self-fulfilled to avoid this fee if I understand correctly. Then you would have to log into your labs separately and submit all the info. I basically think of it as the price I pay for the simplicity within Shootproof of not having to submit my own orders directly. Saves me a ton of time. One way I help offset these processing fees is to up my shipping/handling fee since we can set that ourselves. Mine is fairly high, which motivates buyers to make bigger sales, but it also helps cover extra fees so my profits are still hitting my goals. 


That's so much for the detailed answer Carrie!

Is the fee on the total cost of the cart for the client, or on the lab item cost for me please 😊


I love the simplicity and believe its worth the cost


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