Blog Prompt: How to Navigate Your Galleries From a Client Perspective

  • 1 September 2020
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Blog Prompt: How to Navigate Your Galleries From a Client Perspective
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Start blogging to connect with (and book) more clients!

Take advantage of all of the amazing benefits of content marketing- you can send these blog posts out as emails to your subscribers, use the blog as inspiration for your social media posts, or even use the prompt to make a video! 

Remember, your audience is your clients and future clients! Over time, the blogs you write will build a story of working with you, what experience they can expect, and educate your clients on the ins and outs of YOU being their photographer.  


Here is this week’s prompt:

Write a blog showing your clients how to interact with their images in their galleries! ShootProof is versatile, and therefore photographers can have variations in their customer experience. Create a guide for your clients to make it easy for them to follow the flow you’ve created. As a bonus, you’ll get to spot-check your setup and make sure it’s perfect!

  1. How to log in as a client- start by sending yourself a Gallery Release email, and click the link provided. 
  2. Show how to navigate through the gallery and albums, favorite a photo, log in as a Linked Contact,  and access Free Downloads.
  3. Add items to cart, and then complete check out. Be sure to showcase and explain all of the options along the way, such as packages, discounts, and pickup vs shipping. 

Record these steps as screen shots. Hot tip: clear your desktop, use a private browsing window, and be sure you’re using a gallery with a model release! 

Another option: use Loom to record a video.  For hearing-impaired clients, be sure to add a written transcript or captions. Hot tip: upload this video to your galleries in the gallery welcome message for a client reminder!

Comment below with a link to your blog when you complete it. We’d love to check it out. And, if you have any questions about any of the features mentioned, ask away in the comments. Ready.. set.. write!


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Here’s how I show my clients how to navigate their gallery. The video walkthrough is created in Loom, and I share it in their Delivery email and in the Gallery Welcome Message.


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