Blog Prompt: Black Friday Sales

  • 20 November 2020
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Start blogging to connect with (and book) more clients! 

This blog prompt is mentioned in Day 4 of the series launched for Black Friday 2020: 


Your audience is your clients and future clients, and your platform is your website. Over time, the blogs you write will build a story of working with you and what experience they can expect, as well as educate your clients on the ins and outs of YOU being their photographer.  


Your prompt:

Black Friday sales! (or Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday, or any sales holiday of your choice. 

  1. What is your offer? A new product for your clients,  existing products bundled together in a new package, or a discount for your existing galleries?
  2. Outline the details- is this a new product? A new service? Describe the product or experience.
  3. What is the expected turn around time? Is this something they can give for an upcoming holiday?
  4. How do clients take advantage? Do they need to join a waitlist, have a gallery access link and password? 
  5. When does it end? Any other crucial information?

Sales Holidays like Black Friday barrage consumers with information- make sure your offer is clear, compelling, and concise to stand out from the noise! 


Use this prompt for content marketing:

Are you fully leveraging your blog posts to talk to your clients? One piece of content can be used in many ways- take these ideas and run with them! 

  1.  Answer the prompts above as a blog post on your blog. Sprinkle in images you haven’t shared recently - clients LOVE when their images re-surface!
  2. Send out a teaser (think the intro paragraph or a small except) as an email to your list with a link to continue reading! 
  3. Bullet point the questions above as an Instagram and/or Facebook post and share the link to the post (tip: on Instagram, put the link in your bio so that it’s clickable!)
  4. Pin the article on your Pinterest boards (use a template in Canva to make a quick & easy Pinterest image!)
  5. Create a short format video advertising your payment plans! Share it as a TikTok or Reel on Instagram.
  6. Create an email template including the link to your post as a quick and easy response when you have an inquiry about your services that mentions payment options. 


Comment below with a link to your blog or any other ways you’ve shared your new piece of content. We’d love to check it out. And, if you have any questions about any of the features mentioned, ask away in the comments. Ready.. set.. write!


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Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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@Melissa Read Healy  Here’s the blog prompt! 


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