#AskShootProof - How Encourage Clients to Order Quickly?

  • 13 January 2021
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Dear #AskShootProof,


I've noticed that my customers who purchase quickly tend to spend more. When clients wait to purchase, the overall order is smaller and it seems to be more challenging to get them to actually order. How can I encourage all of my customers to order from their galleries quickly? Do you incentivize your customers? Does it work?


-Ready to Sell



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2 replies

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I will sometimes offer a small discount of 5-10% on my event galleries for my procrastinators. I usually will e-mail them the thursday before the gallery is set to close so they can be thinking about it when their pay check hits on friday. I tend to have pretty good success with this. They are getting a little bit of a deal which isn’t enough money off the top to really affect me, especially since these are people who probably wouldn’t have placed orders without it. 

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@CatrinaWilliams  Interesting! Do you offer a similar discount when you first launch the gallery  to encourage earlier orders? This photog is looking to encourage orders closer to the gallery release. 


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