Where to track sent emails?

  • 9 November 2021
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After a certain time period I don’t see my sent emails in Shootproof anymore, it only shows me a list of 9 recent emails sent. Which makes Shootproof unusable for email tracking. Is there a way to track ALL EMAILS I have ever sent through Shootproof? I checked my linked Gmail account, but theres nothing. It would be helpful to have access to the full email history, for example, to import emails sent through Shootproof into my Tave account, so I always have an accurate picture of what has been sent to my clients. I am aware of Tave’s import procedure via Tags, and I am using it successfully for contracts created outside Tave. But I am drawing a blank on how to achieve this with Shootproof emails?


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Hi Christoph,  

Since we are not a full email server, we do have limitations here. We only keep the past 6 months of email history (the caveat to that being that if someone interacts with an email).



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