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  • 11 July 2022
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I love that I am able to link the contracts with invoices and send an email to my client. I have been setting up templates for emails, campaigns and other items. But is there a way I am able to send a plain form/information email? No “Click to view” button, template,or other information? 

I want to send a “Final Email” with tips and reminders to my clients before the day of their session. I would love to use Shootproof so my branding/emails all look alike but I cannot seem to figure out how I can send a simple form email to my client.

Is this possible, if so how?

If it is not an option, I would love to suggest it to shootproof as an addition to their email options.


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I would LOVE the ability to do this with saved templates as well! I have an email I send 4 weeks prior to a session as well as 1 week prior & I have to copy & paste from previously sent emails every time because when I follow the instructions given (Studio > Contacts > click on a Contact > Send Email) the options to select an “Email Template Type” & “Email Template” are greyed out. It would be so helpful if we could have a “General Client Email” template type we could then save these types of email templates in & use when just contacting one client through our contacts.

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Hi @ChristinaThacker 

Are you just wanting to send a general email to your client without it being linked to a gallery? If so, you can send a message without any buttons by going to Studio > Contacts > click on a Contact > Send Email. 



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