Shouldn't have to choose between Collage Products OR digitals and prints

  • 15 October 2021
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While I love the new idea of implementing Collage products for our customers to choose, the way it is set up, we have to ONLY let them make products.   OR ONLY order digitals and prints.  I believe most photographers’ clients want to order digitals of their event and then also prints from a high quality lab.  Adding Collage products is great, but right now, if we want to offer that to our customers, then they can ONLY do that.  I really don’t know any of my customers that would only want a coffee mug or blanket or what-not of their photo shoot.  They would maybe want to add this on, but not instead of.  So we are forced to choose one or the other and every single client wants their ‘regular’ keepsake of WHY they wanted pictures in the first place.  Let’s please vote to have both offered, not one or the other.


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6 replies

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I have the same question, I do some communities that would benefit from the ability to do the options, but it totally undercuts the wall portrait’s we all want to sell. The ability to have a unbranded catalog & categories to unclick that conflict with our price points would be awesome.

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Hi Laura,

Thanks for reaching out!

Currently it is only possible to have one of the store options at a time. While I don’t have any detail to share around if or when it may become possible to combine both selling options on a single gallery, I can totally understand how this would be valuable for you and your business. Please know that this is just the first iteration of this product offering – we are excited to release further customization options with our print and product offerings in the future!

Our product roadmap for ShootProof is directly informed by the feedback that you and other studios share with us through the ShootProof Community at and our Product team would love to hear your feedback and desire for this functionality. If you aren’t yet familiar with the ideas section of our Community, be sure to read through the ‘Share Your Ideas: Start Here’ post at the top of the Ideas page. I hope this is helpful and please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you.

In the meantime, as a workaround, an option would be to stay with the Traditional Store Experience for your client so that they can purchase digitals and prints for their regular keepsakes. Then, once these purchases are complete, you have the option of initiating the Print Store for that gallery through the settings at gallery level (just ensure that all purchases have been completed prior to switching over to the print store option). That way your clients can have the best of both! For further information, check out how to turn on the print store for your client galleries here à 

Once again, thank you for your feedback on our newest release! - Edel"



Yeah this feature in its current form only benefits people that only sell all digitals up front.  Say 600.00 with all digitals.  Then you can get 20% of other sales of prints, products etc on top of that.  But if we don't have a set price up front then we would not make anything.

For instance if i have a session fee and then have clients buy 1000 of products i would only make 200.00 on the sale.  We may as well go work at McDonalds for that profit margin.  I dont see anyone hardly using this in its current form.

As stated above it it can be combined to allow this for only products like mugs, holiday cards. save the dates etc. type of deal but all other prints and digitals are at normal price then we would use it but until then it just seems like a no go.

Hopefully this is not a sign of where the platform is going forward...


Duplicate the gallery - and name one “Prints” and the other “Novelties”  

Send the customer both galleries….

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I would love to be able to do something like Collage but for specific labs, like WHCC. I know WHCC has an app for iPad that allows you to show prints on walls and how they will look. This would be the most valuable option IMO for photographers.

Also to be able to send the prints bundled to together that they bought. Say client buys 8x10 of image Smith 002, 11x14 of image Smith 008, and a 20x24 of image Smith 015.. if they could even just see what the three looked like together would be cool. 

For us to spend our time editing and retouching and shooting and only get 30% of the Collage is kinda… well...not ideal… to say the least. . . . it feels like all our work is done to help pay Collage and not help us earn income. I get the idea behind adding Collage but for me -- this isn’t the solution for us to be able to show clients what their photos will look like on products -- I would rather see what images looked like on prints together or on a wall than on a coffee mug.. and this leaves us with no option to sell actually nice prints… 

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Also! Is there a way to duplicate a gallery? 


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