ShootProof still fails SPF/DKIM

  • 22 December 2020
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About a year ago, I posted a letter to the ShootProof Community Group (now defunct) about how the email system used by ShootProof doesn't have a properly signed SPF or DKIM record. Without records, this creates all sorts of havoc when trying to have successful email delivery. A long list of users responded that they also had experienced email issues not successfully arriving at the client.


Shortly after that, James reached out to me, and we had a conversation with a software engineer at SP over what was (and wasn't) being done for getting a solution in place. James assured me that it was a priority to be resolved.


After a month went by, an email exchange with James told me it was still a priority. Another discussion at the three-month mark suggested it was planned for Q1/Q2, but the pandemic had pushed things back. After that, emails haven't received responses. I even sent a message to Colin but never heard back. 


It's been a year, and we continue to have intermittent problems with clients not receiving emails through the current SP implementation. I continue to track deliverability via DMARC, and there is still zero compliance for SP over spf, dkim, or dmarc.


I stand by my original statements that this is both sorely needed and relatively simple to implement. It's frustrating that this hasn't been fixed, and also disappointing that it (and me) are being ignored. I'm trying here in one last-ditch effort to see this through. 

3 replies

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Hi Doug! Thanks for bringing this conversation back to the surface. I’m passing it along to be sure the right folks have a chance to weigh in. Once again, it is the holidays, and due to staggered vacations it will likely be a few weeks before all of the right folks are able to have a discussion.  We’ll reach out when that happens! Thanks! 

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Just to add my upvote on this thread.

Sadly I no longer use Shoot Proof for any form of communication as every mail drops into my customer’s spam folder. I can no longer use the “Download All” feature either for the same reason. So I send all comms manually myself (which of course is a time burden, but at least I know my customers will receive the message).


Upvoted - Once and for all - I believe this has caused / contributed to  incredible issues with major email service providers where we cannot contact or be contacted by new or past clients using anything to do with our domain in the header or body of the message  (links to our website, our emails, signatures etc etc etc - what happened violated policies and we get rejected at their server level, people who know us and have us in their address book and whitelist cannot even send out - we look like we have dissappeared,  it affects everything we do to communicate with clients on many servers and  we are running out of options - we cannot invoice or even send a link to our website  etc,  we cannot change the url and company name just because of this but the idea has come up - how desperate we have become - please fix this 


Note - 6 months extreme issue and  countless days trying to resolve from every end


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