Shootproof charged wrong price

  • 4 April 2021
  • 2 replies

So my shoot proof decided to charge my client complexity wrong. My digitals are $5ea. She bought 10, and was charged $60, entered the code for 7 free which would be $15 remainder but this is what she paid. She didnt realize the discount didnt happen until after charging her card. Do I need to issue the refund or will Shootproof correct this itself? 


2 replies


Shoot proof requires you to do all refunds yourself (which I understand will be changing soon with the transition to “ShootProof Pay”). Double check to make sure you have your High Resolution Digital Pricing set to $5, it may just be that you accidentally set them at $6. Good luck!

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@CameronCarlson might be correct about the $6 instead of $5 setting, but it also looks like the discount may not apply to the order. @isabellarosephoto can you grab a screen shot of how you have your discount set up, and how you have your digitals set up on your price sheet so that we can take a look? 


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