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  • 22 November 2021
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Hi..I am a team photographer for a Jr Football Team and have set up a Gallery for a full season (8 games with sub galleries in each).

Next season I am looking to set up a one time purchase for the full season (season pass so to speak) allowing unlimited downloads from each game. Looking for ways to manage email? Can this be done in the free download options? Link to gallery is below:

Quinte Skyhawks

Looking for options or suggestions.


1 reply

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Hi Bill, I think Richie has the right idea here.  I would set up a way to have them sign-up/pay separate from the gallery (you can do this in your CRM or you can send an invoice right through shootproof.  Then, provide each subscriber their own pin for free unlimited downloads.  This should allow them to go in after each game and download their images using the same pin.



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