• 24 August 2020
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How do you handle preorders / prepayments for things like school pictures?


Best answer by Carrie Swails 25 August 2020, 05:07

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As a wedding photographer, I have a package or two where clients pre-pay for prints and essentially it includes a print credit. I just give them a one-time-use custom discount code to use in the gallery for that exact amount. I’d do the same for school pictures. Maybe just email the code to them along with a confirmation of their order. 


Thank you, Carrie! So you collect the payment outside of Shootproof? I have my first school client and would love to find a way to do it all online here. I’ve seen PhotoDay and also the functions in Zenfolio, but I’m trying to avoid a move or another system to maintain! Was thinking I could create a PREPAY image and configure a purchase option from there that would prompt me to email them a code. Still probably requires more manual tracking than is ideal….


I’ve done some school pictures too and this would be nice to be able to offer! I like the idea of having a PREPAY image that would allow that to be done though! It is manual tracking but perhaps less manual tracking than going outside of Shootproof. That way, orders can still be placed and if necessary, refunds are all in one place. I will definitely be following this thread to see if anyone else has a creative idea!

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@Vicky Long Yep. I collect the payment outside of Shootproof. That said, you could potentially also restructure school picture payments to better fit the tools available to you. I do that a lot. Especially when I come across programs that are as awesome as Shootproof. I’ve been on other platforms and the customer service here at Shootproof and their responsiveness to customer ideas is simply unparalleled. I might consider charging a small fee for the photo itself and include one simple easy print and access to an online gallery with the option of paying for more prints. That way you can get those parents in the door and paying for a photo, while still upselling them more print sales. That said, I’m not a school picture photographer. I am a photographer though, who is also a third-grade teacher. 

Anyway, the nice thing about the codes is that you don’t have to manually track them once you email them out. You could create a simple email template and then copy and paste the email address in with the code and let things happen however they happen once you send it. I don’t know if that’s helpful, but if you and or @Jonathan at TechEdge have more ideas about this topic you can submit them as ideas in the “Share Your Ideas” forum and gain some votes to help Shootproof consider creating more custom options for this.


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