Photography Mentors & Masterminds: What's your experience?

  • 22 January 2021
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Photography Mentors & Masterminds: What's your experience?
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Last week on the Find Your Focus podcast, @LoganFahey  and Jenni Maroney discussed photography mentors and masterminds and how they directly impacted the growth of their photography businesses. January is very goal-oriented and planning-focused for many of us, and sharing your experience may help another photographer make an important move in their business. 


Have you participated in a photography mastermind? What was the impact on you and your business? If not a mastermind, what about a photography mentor or coach? Was there a specific focus or area of growth? What improvements or changes did you experience?


If you’d like to listen in on Logan & Jenni’s conversation, you can find it here.

2 replies

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How would one go about finding a Mentorship/ photography mastermind?

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How would one go about finding a Mentorship/ photography mastermind?

Hi Ren! There are lots of routes you can take for a mentorship program, such as 1-1 mentorship (sometimes offered by photographers through their websites, particularly the more well known photographers), as well as group mentoring programs that are either online based or in person. 

For the best value however and to dip your toes in the water of group mentorship and education online, I’d love for you to try - as a mentor there I can vouch for great education in a supportive environment, covering all aspects of photography, different genres, posing, lighting, business and marketing. We offer a free trial where you can access all of our courses, trainings and backstage passes (the backstage passes are a series of videos allowing you to be a “fly on the wall” over the shoulder of our mentor team on their sessions and editing back home!). And there’s also a super awesome facebook group exclusive to members - unlike any other group you’ll find online and open to all levels of photographer. It’s a kind group who are nothing but positive of one another! 

If you choose to stay on you’ll find membership billing details in your account to sign up to once your trial is ending, otherwise your trial will end and at least you’ll have an idea what to expect from this type of mentorship program. 

I hope that helps! 

 - Edel


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