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  • 24 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

I’m a new user and I have a couple of questions regarding logos on mobile app.

I’ve uploaded png files of my logo (for my light and dark colour palettes) with transparent backgrounds and I’m finding that the transparent background isn’t appearing (see photos below). Does anyone have any ideas why this would be the case?


My second question relates to how to make our logo colour work on both our main background colour and the secondary colour (which is used as the background to the info section). I chose a white logo to go onto the dark background but if the transparency worked as expected, it’d barely be visible on the secondary colour. Is it possible to upload multiple logo options?


Many thanks



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Hi @clairedg! I see that nobody has chimed in on your question. Have you by chance written in to They may be able to provide some guidance if you send them these screenshots!


Hi Karen,

Thanks for the reply. I have contacted support and apparently it’s a known issue with mobile apps. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.




Are you uploading a jpeg or png? 


Try uploading png image with transparent background. 


Try uploading png image with transparent background. 

Hi Christa, 

It is a png with transparency - apparently it’s a known problem with mobile apps. I really hope if gets resolved soon as it’s been a few months since I’ve signed up and it’s still not resolved.



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