• 6 August 2020
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Hi everyone

My name is Shirley, i’ve been using Shootproof for a short time but haven’t yet launched my photography business. I’ve been running a pet service business for a couple of years and decided I’d like to combine this with pet photography. Being surrounded most days by a variety of dogs and other pets it seemed like a great thing to do. Probably would have been a good idea to have start lying on the ground taking photos when I was younger but hey ho :-)

Heres one I took for a friend.


3 replies

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Hi @ShirleyBartlett,

Welcome to the community! That is a great shot! It really helps that you’ve combined your love of photography with your pet business, this can be a stepping stone to doing pet photography on the side for your customers. I hope you enjoy your conversations here and look forward to talking to you again!



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I LOVE this pup’s picture! I come back to it and it makes me smile every time! 

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Anytime you can combine photography with an existing gig that’s keeping you happy (financially or otherwise), it’s the best! Share all the doggos!


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