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Increase Print Sales With 2 Easy Emails

  • 9 June 2020
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Increase Print Sales With 2 Easy Emails
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Today’s tip contains content from our blog article “How to Dramatically Increase Print Sales with 2 Easy Emails.” This is such a helpful article written by photographer Bryan Steigler. I’ve condensed the content down a bit here so make this super fast and easy to set up. Bryan mentions that “adding only two types of marketing emails to your workflow really can make you a bunch of money.” Who would love more money?! Me, please! :) 

Email #1: The Reminder Email

Reminder emails are SO important to encourage the client to revisit the gallery and make a future purchase.

“Many times, customers will start to order prints – even add them to their shopping cart – but for some reason they don’t complete the transaction. However, if you send them a gentle reminder, you can often finalize the sale.”


How to set this up:

  • Go to Studio > Email > Templates
  • Create a template >Give your template a name (e.g., “1st Reminder To Buy – 4 Weeks Pre-Expiration”), and click Create.
  • Choose Gallery Expiring Notice from the Template Type menu. Update the subject lines and headlines to fit your brand. 

  • Once you’re done, click Save.

  • You can also create multiple reminder emails as well if that makes sense for you. Bryan recommends three gallery reminder emails -  4 weeks before expiration, 16 days before expiration, and 3 days before expiration. He explains more on this in the post.

Email #2: The Promotional Email

Bryan’s key point with promotional emails are that timing and targeting are critical. This is so that you don’t send promotional emails at the wrong time and you don’t target the wrong customer, to prevent bad experiences from happening, i.e. “I just ordered, can I get that discount?”

He recommends:

  1. Avoid sending a promotional email too soon. It doesn’t make sense to offer a special deal to people who would have paid full price. You’ll just lose money!

  2. Also, don’t push promos too frequently. Your customers will ignore them, assuming you’ll send more later.

To set these up:

  • Use the same process as your reminder emails, but use the Email Gallery Link Template Type for these. Customize the headlines and body text, then repeat for any additional Promotional Emails.

Create the Campaign

  • Go to Studio > Email > Campaign 
  • Create a New Custom Trigger-Based Email Campaign 
  • Give it a name
  • Choose your first reminder email template and select 30 days before gallery expiration
  • Target All Visitors. 
  • Create Campaign.
  • Once the campaign is created, select More Actions > Add New Email to add the rest of your reminder emails and your promotional emails. 
  • You can adjust the # of days before gallery expiration as well as which type of visitor you’d like to target for each email.
  • **Once you’ve saved your Campaign, be sure that your galleries all have gallery expiration dates assigned to them to ensure your reminder emails are sent and that the campaign is assigned to each gallery.


Ready to learn more about Email Campaigns in general? Tune in to this week’s webinar, Stay Connected to Clients Using ShootProof Email Campaigns, on Thursday June 11th from 1-1:30pm EST.  We’d love to see you there! 

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Hi! What does the collage-type template under my logo notate? Will those autopopulate with photos from the gallery? Which photos? Thanks!


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