How do I make and Expired contract not expired?

  • 3 June 2020
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Example. I have a contract that expired Sunday, and I’ve edited the contract due day to be Tuesday (2 days away). However it still says the contract is expired and I can’t re email my client with a reminder to sign it. 




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8 replies

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Hi @DaphneHamm,

Did your client already sign the contract before it expired?




No they haven’t. I was going to send them a reminder email but they won’t be able to sign it since it’s expired.

I could make a new contract, but I already have this one linked to their invoice, that they have made their deposit to.  


Hello Daphne. Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue and don’t know the solution. 




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It would be great if instead of automatically expiring, we received a prompt from ShootProof asking us what we’d like to do with the contract so that we control the client communication/relationship. That would save a lot of awkwardness.

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did you guys ever figure it out same problem here - contract expired and don't really won't to waist the on creating a new same one.

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Once a contract has expired, it’s not possible to reactivate it - the only solution would be to create a new one. If you have ideas on how to improve that process, please share them in the Ideas section!

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@AnnaSchellenberg  You cannot sign an expired contract. You will need to reissue a new contract for the clients to sign. Once your client signs, you’ll get notified via email that it’s your turn to sign! 

 - Edel


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