Guests ticking box for Shoot Proof's terms of service

  • 8 November 2021
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Why do people viewing our galleries have to tick the box for all of Shoot Proof’s terms of use? Surely it does not matter to a person who is just looking to buy will not need to create a Shootproof account and need to be over 18 to view photos etc? 

Can as a photographer not have our own terms of service with our own branding instead of Shootproofs?

Or at least have this option saved as a cookie instead of having to tick it every time visiting a gallery?


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5 replies

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Hi Richie, Can you post a screen shot of the box you are talking about?  When my client’s view their gallery, there is not a terms of use box that pops up.  If you can show me here, I will see if I can figure out why that is happening for you.

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Hi Ashley, screenshot attached. Its not a popup, just a check box.



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Hi Richie, 

If it’s for clients in the UK or Europe, GDPR regulations also apply to them as well as the photographer. The client directly must accept the Terms of Use as well since ShootProof is capturing, storing, and using their data for communication purposes and for the photographer.

Hope this helps!

 - Edel

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Hi Edel, 

While GDPR is a thing yes, what is shown to people is nothing to do with GDPR


Is about us photographers who use the service, payments, subscriptions etc. This is the kind of thing that our clients do not need to know about.


It talks about as been a seller etc. It is basically looks unprofessional to me. 

It would be like if Shootproof made us sign up to Amazon Webservers terms and conditions to use Shootproof.

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Our customers also have to tick the box and agree to shootproofs terms and conditions at checkout when ordering photos also.


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