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  • 25 April 2020
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Has anyone tried or currently sell gift cards via Shootproof?

I’d rather set it up to sell them via Shootproof as supposed to signing up for another eccomerce site but wondering the best way to actually set it up.  


I want to offer both session certificates and gift certificates in multiples of £25.   Just looking for the easiest and simplest way so not to confuse people but think I’m over thinking it!




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4 replies

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Hey @CarlaThomas! Maybe someone else can jump in with their experience, but I’ve seen and heard photographers do a couple of things for gift cards, since they aren’t something directly available via ShootProof. I know of a photographer who will open a gallery before the shoot with 2 images loaded  that are graphics of gift cards, and attach a price sheet that ONLY has a self-fulfilled item of that gift card denomination.

The gallery can be shared out and people can purchase a gift card that way, but there isn’t built-in tracking of that within ShootProof- you’d have to keep a running list of who purchased and what amount, then apply that as a discount on an invoice or give them a custom discount code for that amount later on. 


I’ve also seen photographers issue an invoice for a gift card and then send a gift card graphic via email (you could even mail a printed gift card to them), but once again you’d keep track of that credit. 


If anyone else does it differently, I’d love to hear it! 



Between shootproof and Tave - I’d like to see a tidy solution for selling session vouchers ASAP 

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@CarlaThomas and @ChrisSemple If you haven’t seen it already, gift cards is an idea being voted on in our new ideation section. You can find it here to add your vote!


I’m looking at gift card options too. Wondering if adding a gift card graphic as a Shootproof fulfilled digital file might work? Along with a suitable release, that might make it totally automated? Or self-fulfilled if you want to add a serial number or other personalisation?

Either way it’s not perfect, so yes, we need gift card options!


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