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  • 15 July 2020
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Is there a way to email clients within an automated email campaign, for instance one month before their wedding date, but not about their contract or invoice? I only see templates related to galleries or invoices, but I want to Email clients a reminder to go to a specific page on my website to gather info after booking, but before their wedding date, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Help! 


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Hey @KristyM!

Technically speaking, there’s not a pre-set way to do this. I think I’ve worked through a hack, so let’s see if we can make this work! 

This working is contingent on you creating a gallery for your clients BEFORE the wedding. You’ll need to have that gallery created, and log into the gallery as if you’re the client- this will add their email address to the list of gallery visitors.

You’ll head to Email > Templates and create a new Template. Name is something that you’ll recognize for this purpose, like “Pre-wedding reminder” or “Client reminder”



Once you’re in the Template creation area, choose Gallery Visitor Message as your Template Type. This is important- the template type determines where you’ll be able to access this template to send it and what will trigger it!

Next up: remove all text from the Button Text. This will remove the button from the email. This email template will automatically link the Gallery, which before the wedding isn’t open, so you don’t want to link to it. Instead, in the Email Body, you’re going to type out your email (you can use variables here), and then add the link where you want them to go by highlighting the text and clicking the Link icon to add a hyperlink to that text. Write out the whole email as you intend to send it- this is just a quick example. 

Once you have that template created, you’ll add it to a campaign.  When adding it to the campaign, the settings matter.  Make sure you select the template you just created, and set your Trigger Date to “days before order due date”.  We’re going to do some date math to hit the correct number of days- 

Let’s say the wedding is August 1, 2020. If you return images in 4 weeks, your Gallery Release Date is August 29, 2020.  If your Order Due Date is one month later, on September 29, that would be 31 days. So far we are at 61 days from the event/ Shoot Date. Backing up 30 days from there, the Trigger Date for your email would be 91 days. Adjust this as necessary based on your gallery release timeframe. The important part is making sure that your release date = 30 days before event + Number of days from event to Order Due Date.  I’m rounding it to 90 days to have an even number. The second photo below shows these dates set in the Gallery > Settings > General section of the gallery.



I hope this makes sense!  I 100% recommend testing this out on yourself (use a shorter duration and use your own email in the gallery visitor step) to make sure you get the desired experience. I’d love to hear if this works for you!

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This thread was worth it for this tip alone, “log into the gallery as if you’re the client- this will add their email address to the list of gallery visitors.” Thanks!

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@Jill Nissen  yay I’m glad!! 


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