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Hi, a client of mine logged into a gallery that i have just created it replied with a Your Connection is not Private message. Have I done something wrong this has never happened before? 

It was a link sent via a mobile to another mobile phone, I believe that she has been able to access them via her Ipad though




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Anthony, did you get an answer to this?  I’m getting the same!


Same for my client, just one, I have over 50 others with no problems


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Hi everyone,

There are a few reasons they could be getting that message. The error code is due to the website certification that is being used. One solution is to check make sure yours or your clients date/time is correct. If update the date/time doesn’t fix the issue (or if it was already correct), you could submit a ticket to but usually when a certificate is updated, it will resolve itself.

Hope this helps!


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