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  • 27 April 2021
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A workflow question. When I edit an  image in from Lightroom and then send it to Photoshop for skin retouching etc... then save it, it comes back into Lightroom with a different image suffix/extension -edit.psd or .tiff. Photoshop or Lightroom always adds "edit" in the name before the extension. I'd rather not reedit the name as this helps me separate the edited photo form the ones that are not. Normally I upload the unedited versions of the shoot to the clients proof gallery. They choose the unedited versions they want. I then edit only those shots they want. This sames me the time editing unwanted photos. Now that the file names are different what do you all do? Do you make a new gallery for the client call it something like, "Final Photos"? Do you upload a and replace the unedited image with the new edited version? Will the "Replace" option in the ShootProof gallery allow for a file to be replaced with a different name?

I am assuming to some degree or another others follow similar workflow.  My background is an assignment photographer. The business of head shots is all new for me.

2 replies

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I have replaced an image with another image, and believe it was a different name. 

You could also just add them to the gallery, and the fact that they say “edit” clues the client into the fact they’re retouched.

Ultimately, I think it would be more efficient for your workflow to add a new folder of “Final Photos” rather than having to replace each photo individually. 

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Hey @MattBrandon! Great question. First, the “Replace” link in the order is how you can replace a file before it gets sent to a lab for printing. I think @BPhotoArt hit the nail on the head for your workflow - a new Album would be the easiest for both your workflow AND for your client navigating their images. 

In the last month I went through this flow from the client side! My photographer created a proofing gallery and put all of the images into an Album for proofing. I used favorites to designate which images I wanted edited, and once they were edited, the photographer uploaded the edited images into a second album in the same gallery called “Final Images”. That album had download permissions turned on (the first one did not) and I was able to download my images!


It was really cool to experience it fully as a client. 


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