Building Client Checklist

  • 6 September 2022
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Hi I am wonder if it is possible to build a client checklist for a wedding day. I want to be able to create a form to send to the client to fill out and return back to me with both short responses and checkmarks. Then I would also like the option to print it off in a PDF form? Is this possible to do within Shootproof?

2 replies

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Hi @Emily O 

There’s not a way to build a list with ‘check marks’ but if you wanted you could use the Contracts feature for a short questionnaire (I’ve seen other photographers do this). That being said, I know this is not an ideal solution. I do see other users have also requested something similar, so if you wanted to, you can vote on that here and even add any context or feedback you think is important. 


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Thank you! I did just submit my vote to add this feature which looks like it has been a request for a few years now.

However, I was able to create a form on my website that I think will work for my current needs.

Thanks for your response!


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