Are. out requests falling on dead ears?

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I have been with Shootproof for YEARS now. I like many others have requested certain features be integrated (with an additional monthly fee) into shootproof, but I truly feel like nothing has changed. I feel like I will probably be going another direction because my needs are outgrowing the program. A few things MANY of us have requested:

  • downloadable slideshow gallery
  • the ability to upload video
  • booking calendar 
  • email triggers, automations
  • integration of a CRM like features right inside of shootproof
  • Integrated brochures (to sell session fees and packages ahead of time)
  • updated mobile apps (you should be able to set up triggers to send after orders have been placed OR certain timeframes and be able to link them to the galleries)

I hope some future features will be added into shootproof otherwise I’ll sadly have to say goodbye. 

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Hi @LeslieQ , 

Thanks for reaching out. I want to assure you that the Shootproof team ARE listening, and there is currently a new process for updating users on ideas submitted in the works, so that our users can see at a glance what ideas are currently being worked on, considered for future developments or tabled for now. This updated process should be live very soon. 

The team are aware of the most voted on ideas, and are equally keen to be able to fulfil as many ideas as is practical and possible to do so. In the last 12-18 months, the priority items were features such as Shootproof Pay and the Print Store. 

Please stay tuned for further updates via the community and via the monthly email newsletter - we value your ideas and input and hope that you are pleased with some of the things coming down the pipeline this year!

 - Edel 

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Thank you!! I know things take time I’ve just been waiting awhile lol. 

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@LeslieQ I can appreciate that also - and thank you for your patience and understanding. Hopefully some of the things planned for this year will be considered worth the wait! :) 

 - Edel 


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