2022 is there an alternative to Snapizzi yet?

  • 9 February 2022
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Good day all, 

Me again with the same old question. Is there an alternative to Snapizzi yet? Or is there one coming? 

It looked like Snapizzi was back on track after their legal ordeal and it worked fine for a good while but it seems increasingly buggy, to the point of being barely useable. 

I genuinely love the Combo Snapizzi+Shootproof. I have tried a few alternatives and nothing makes the cut (both backend and UX). I would love to be able to rely on it, unfortunately that is not the case. And once again, I am looking for possible alternatives. 

1 reply

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Hi @WaterPixies , 

Unfortunately I have no updates in regards to Snapizzi - but I’d like to give this post some visibility within our community so that other volume photographers can provide some input if possible. I’ll pin this to our featured posts on the home page to see if we can get a conversation going! 

 - Edel 


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