Your ticket to can’t-miss photography events!

  • 24 February 2022
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Your ticket to can’t-miss photography events!
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Good news! You’ll never have to miss another must-know tip again now that webinars have a new home! :raised_hands:

Introducing: the Events page, a new page on the ShootProof website where you can find and register for upcoming events and webinars.

Prefer webinars’ original home? No worries; you’ll still be able to RSVP for them right here in the Community.

Haven’t attended a webinar yet? You’re missing out! These sessions are jam-packed with valuable information to help you make the most of ShootProof, grow your photography business, and so much more.

Head to to view and sign up for an upcoming webinar today. Bonus points if you bookmark the page!

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This is amazing!  I love Shootproof webinars and now it’s even easier to find them. <3


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