Share Your Ideas: Start Here

  • 2 March 2021
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Share Your Ideas: Start Here
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ShootProof’s product and engineering teams are committed to building the very best version of ShootProof.

Listening to our community of photographers is key to ensuring our ongoing efforts are headed in the right direction.  This is reflected in our update to our Share Your Ideas section: statuses are receiving an update with more nuanced definitions, the ideas pipeline is easier to view and find ideas for you to vote on, and our team will be in regular communication within the Share Your Ideas section. Our goal is for your voice to be heard and to offer more clear communication back from our team.


Before you submit an idea

Search  first, please! 
Use the search bar on the main page or within Share Your Ideas. Ideas show up with a blue lightbulb next to them in the search results. It’s possible another photographer has had the same idea as you - give theirs an upvote and add a comment! Duplicate ideas don’t add more votes - they create confusion. 

Describe your idea with as much detail as possible
Sometimes a screenshot can say more than a million words.  The richer your description, the more likely we and others will immediately know what you mean (and the higher the chances someone will vote for your idea).  Include screen shots, but block sensitive or personal data. 

One idea at a time
Please do not submit multiple ideas in one topic. Otherwise, it becomes messy and nobody knows which feature people who voted actually want to be implemented. Submitting ideas is free, so don't hold back to submit multiple ideas.


What do the different status labels mean?

When you submit a new idea, it will have the New status. Within 4 weeks the product team will have a look at your idea, and possibly ask you some more questions to make sure we understand the idea.  During the review, we may edit the title of your idea for clarity. After the first review, we will change the status of the idea to reflect our plans with it.

An idea will get one of the following status designations:

  • New- This idea has been submitted, but not yet reviewed by someone on the ShootProof team.  Voting is enabled.
  • Open - The idea has been reviewed and is open for discussion and voting. This means that we think the idea is interesting, but we are not ready yet to decide whether we want to do something with it. This means that we want to wait for more feedback/votes, it can also mean that this idea does not fit our product strategy at the moment, but is something we might look at later.
  • Under construction - The idea is actively being built on by the product engineering, but we may not have release dates to share. Updates will be shared under this topic. 
  • Delivered - The idea has been implemented and is available.
  • Delivered (Partially) - Some aspects of the idea has been implemented and are available.
  • Closed (Parked) - We reviewed the idea and we know we won’t build it any time soon. This could be because the complexity of the idea, the value it might return, or the fact that the idea is not aligned with our product strategy.
  • Closed (Duplicate) - Idea is duplicate we will merge the topics.
  • Closed (Never) - We will never work on this idea, as it isn’t part of our core business/product vision.
  • Closed - We reviewed the idea and we feel it is not an idea. We will comment and either close or move the topic.


Quarterly Ideation Review (NEW!)

On a quarterly basis, we will review all open ideas to re-evaluate their status. This will also be communicated in a dedicated overview of reviewed ideas (expect those to be published each quarter, so in January, April, July, October). 

We choose to leave ideas open as long as we still believe this might be something we pick up in the future. Expect us to comment on your idea once more if it is being reviewed by us.


How many ideas are actually being implemented?

It’s very hard to predict how many ideas will be implemented when, but it’s important to understand that posting an idea on the board does not come with a guaranteed delivery. The ideation board is a tool we use to manage and communicate with you, the photographer, about ideas, and better understand your challenges with ShootProof. Share Your Ideas isn’t our only source  for possible new features, but it is one of our favorites!

We try our best to balance ideas that push us towards our product vision with those that are specifically requested by you on Share Your Ideas. It’s a difficult balance to keep, and important to keep this into account when managing your expectations. As a result, we have opted to be conservative in changing your idea statuses.


We end this with a Steve Jobs quote that is one of our favorite reminders:

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” -Steve Jobs

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