Product Team Mid-year Roadmap Update

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Hello ShootProofers!  I’d like to thank every member of our community who has taken the time to engage with us at the new  Your feedback is essential to help us create a product that achieves our vision of enabling all photographers to build successful, sustainable businesses.


Since our launch just over a month ago, you have submitted more than 2200 votes across over 150 ideas.  You’ve also posted over 280 comments, exchanging thoughts and filling in key details that will help us understand and build the features you need.   Rest assured we’ve read every one!


This past quarter, in addition to the launch of, the Product team has been hard at work adding value to ShootProof.  In case you missed them, here are a few of the new features we’ve released so far in 2020:


  • We added new “View in room” visualizations so your customers can see scale mockups of how their canvas prints will look on the wall. 

  • We added fillable blanks on ShootProof contracts to help expedite your communication and minimize back and forth with your customers.

  • We've added an "Assign to Invoice" action in email campaigns, making it easier to communicate with customers regarding upcoming invoice due dates.

  • We released gallery marketing banners to help with customer messaging and give you new tools to communicate during this challenging time. 

  • We added a free contract template bundle in the ShootProof Marketplace including Date Change Amendment and Force Majeure templates which allow you to easily change session dates and protect your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Additionally, we launched new community initiatives to foster a just, equitable, and inclusive community that reflects and amplifies diverse voices.


Today, the Product team is working on multiple key infrastructure projects. While you may not see the impact of these immediately, they are critical to enable us to scale and add new integrations in the future. While we're working on them, you'll see fewer smaller features being released.


That said, we’re passionate about delivering on your ideas and want to share some of the improvements we're planning.  While we understand you’d prefer we communicate exact dates for features, please keep in mind that priorities often change based on customer feedback, engineering tradeoffs, and market conditions.  Expect this list to evolve over the coming year:


  • Improvements to our payments platform to enable you to get your money faster (no more 5-day hold!)

  • Improved gallery notifications when your customers favorite images

  • The ability to link multiple contacts to a gallery

  • More gallery layout options

  • An improved shopping experience with more products and design capabilities

  • New capabilities to make scheduling customer appointments a snap


Thanks for all of your contributions and we look forward to engaging with you in the community in the months and years to come.  



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what about all the feedback given regarding items that would help out event photographers?

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The list of future updates is pretty vague. Is there a specific list of the suggestions that will be implemented?

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OMG 😮 I'm super excited for the ability to link multiple contacts to a gallery, this has been on my wish list.

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@KevinCampbell Thanks for your question! Just because something isn’t listed here doesn’t mean it isn’t being reviewed or considered. Keep providing feedback, voting in Share Your Ideas, and  participating in research opportunities!

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@Richie As launches get closer, more details for each of the updates will be released. Additionally, you can keep an eye out on the Share Your Ideas section, as individual ideas will be marked when they are implemented!


It would be nice to be able to use this platform for team and individual sports orders.  That would require a better selection from labs. (Millers to be exact).  The amount of product offerings clients can order from  is so limited it makes it not useful.  I want an online order platform that is full service! 

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@Megan It’s VERY frustrating as an event photographer that you guys bring event speakers to talk about event photography and then ask for ideas and say that you note them but then we don’t ever hear anything.  It’s the same song and dance, it would be nice have transparency surrounding these ideas.  Maybe creating a list of everyone’s idea that EVERYONE can see and then put them into buckets with real time updates as to when they will be implemented and if they are even doable.  


Be nice to show prices with tax inclusive rather than adding it at the checkout. Not really legal in uk to show consumer prices ex VAT. Been asking for ages - any news? 


These are amazing features we all gonna get and enjoy for sure. I do have a question also. How we can send an email campaign to all of my contacts. Rather than sending them the same email individually and singing them to a specific gallery.  Sometimes I have an announcement to make and I wish with a click of a button tosend it to all at the same time. Thank you 


What about contracts being sorted by shoot date, instead of due date? That would be lovely. 🖤 Love the new additions. 


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