Our Values in Action

  • 9 June 2020
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Our Values in Action
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As a team, we care deeply about fostering a just, equitable, and inclusive community that reflects and amplifies diverse voices.


My colleague Anne said it beautifully on our Instagram this morning:

“We aren’t especially good at being anti-racist. Even when we think we are. Even when we try really, really hard. So we paused, and we listened, and we argued, and we cried, and we grew depressed and hopeful and uncertain and empowered in turn. Then we put our big-kid pants on and took action.” 

With that said, I’d like to share, on behalf of the entire extended ShootProof team, our committments toward building a better future.

  1. We’ve established ongoing financial support for Tomayia Colvin Education and The Photo Cookout. Photographers, if you’re looking for a place to start your education, on doing the work, start with this webinar offered June 10th
  2. Our local community is Atlanta, Georgia. We are proud to provide ongoing financial support for Illuminate ATL as they bring art education and programming to underserved communities and work towards a “just artistic society that reflects it’s diverse voices.”
  3. For our global community, we will support Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative,  as they provide powerful legal assistance and work towards racial justice, criminal justice reform, and education for the rest of us. 
  4. We are expanding our Galleries for Good program to empower qualifying organizations through FREE ShootProof galleries as they tell their stories through photography. (Email good@shootproof.com)

See our plan here



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