How to Make the Most of Share Your Ideas: Search, Vote, and Share

  • 28 May 2020
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You have ideas, and we want to hear them! Here’s everything you need to know about sharing your ideas to make ShootProof even better. 


One quick note: Ideas access is available to customers with an active ShootProof account.


How do I share my ideas and see other photographers’ ideas ?

At its core, ShootProof Ideas is a place for you to share feature requests with each other and with the ShootProof Product Team. We want to hear about features you’d like to see us build. Our goal is to make the feedback process streamlined for you and our product team. 


Our team will review all ideas, learn your specific pain points, and assess overall demand for features. Share your ideas, discover other photographers’ ideas, and vote for the ones that matter most to you. The more votes an idea gets, the more attention it will command from ShootProof’s product development team. ⬆️


To make sure we hear your ideas and feedback, we’d like to clarify the purpose of ShootProof Ideas and show you the best way to share your ideas.


  1. Search first, please!

Before creating a new idea, search for threads that request the same feature. By upvoting an existing idea, you’ll help us identify it as a popular feature request. Duplicate ideas split up vote totals, making your idea appear less in-demand than it actually is.


  1. Vote for ideas you want to see implemented.

The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is to find its way to our product roadmap. Every idea on our community has a “Votes” button that looks like this: 


Click it to vote for ideas that you want to see implemented. Then comment to let us know exactly how you want the idea implemented or to clarify the problem it solves. When you vote for or comment on an idea, you’ll be subscribed to notifications about it.  Ready, set, vote!


  1. Describe both your idea and the problem it solves.

We want to hear all of your ideas, but we also want to deeply understand the problems you’re having that we can help solve.  We recommend using this template:

Describe your idea for improving ShootProof.  

  • What do you want us to build?

What’s challenging about how things work right now?  

  • What’s the pain point you’re trying to solve for?

How would this change help you, your clients, and/or your business?

  • What would you expect the impact of this change to be?

The more descriptive you can be, the more likely we and others will understand what you mean – and that means more potential votes for your idea! A screenshot is worth a thousand words, so include images to illustrate or articulate your idea.


  1. Share one idea at a time

Please try not to group multiple ideas into a single post.  When ideas are combined, vote totals are inflated. That makes it tough for our team to prioritize ideas. So feel free to share multiple ideas, just make them separate posts.


  1. How are ideas evaluated?

Periodically, the ShootProof Product team will review new ideas and respond with thoughts or follow up questions.  After we evaluate an idea, we’ll assign a status:

  • Open for Voting - The idea has been reviewed and is open for discussion and voting. This means that we think the idea is interesting, but we need more feedback/votes before deciding whether to build it. 

  • Launched - The idea has been implemented and is available for you to use!

  • Future Consideration - We reviewed the idea and don’t expect to build it soon. This could be for any number of reasons: complexity, existing workarounds, or lack of alignment with the overall company strategy.

  • Duplicate - Oops, this is a duplicate of another idea.  We’ll either merge the topics or link to the active idea.


  1. Will all ideas shared be implemented?

While we want to hear all your ideas, we realistically can’t build everything. Our team has to make hard decisions about where to invest development resources.  Even though we can’t implement every idea, we are committed to being transparent about what we can and cannot do. 


  1. How can you see what’s been implemented?

When you vote for or comment on ideas, you'll get email updates when their status changes. This includes notifications when the ideas have been launched. Additionally, each quarter, we’ll publish how many votes we have “retired” by implementing their corresponding features. 


  1. How can you share your opinion?

Your feedback matters to us. Please comment below with your thoughts. Here are some examples: 

• What, if anything, would you like us to do differently in regards to ideas?

• Are we sufficiently following the processes outlined above? 

• What difficulty, if any, have you had using the ideas area of the ShootProof community? 


A close partnership with you – our community of photographers – and our team is vital to the success of Ideas. We're committed to ensuring your feedback makes it into our product to help you run successful, sustainable businesses. 💙Thanks for your time; we look forward to building a better ShootProof together!

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