Got an idea? We want to hear it!

  • 28 May 2020
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Got an idea? We want to hear it!
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Your ideas matter. The ShootProof Product team is committed to partnering with you to empower your business.

That’s why we’re launching –a place for you to share, search, and vote on ideas that will make ShootProof even better.

One quick note: Ideas access is available to customers with an active ShootProof account.

If you haven’t yet activated  your ShootProof Community account, login with your existing Shootproof account credentials by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner, then head straight over to to get started. 


Here’s how you can participate: 


⭐️Scroll through the existing ideas and vote for the ones that would positively impact your business, your workflow,  and/or your customers. Feel free to leave comments with details and use cases that relate to that idea. 


💡Create your own idea post (search and make sure you’re not duplicating another post first) by clicking the Ask question/ Start topic button at the top of the page. 


When you select “Idea” as the type of topic you’re creating,  the post will automatically be created in the Share Your Ideas category for other ShootProof users to comment and vote on! 

We recommend using this template to share your ideas: 

Describe your idea for improving ShootProof.  

  • What do you want us to build?

What’s challenging about how things work right now?  

  • What’s the pain point you’re trying to solve for?

How would this change help you, your clients, and/or your business?

  • What would you expect the impact of this change to be?



To see more about the new Share Your Ideas section, including explanation of statuses and how ShootProof will interact with your ideas, check out the detailed article here

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8 replies

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Maybe this is already a setting and I am missing it? Is there a way to make sure my photo numbers upload as the original numbers? I have clients pick their favorites and I spend hours trying to match them back up to the photo numbers originally assigned?


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I would love to have a preview of images as printed in various formats (like shown below), and also a wall preview of images.  This would allow potential customers to see the image, at approximate scale, within the context of  common household settings. I want to do my print fulfillment through Shootproof, but my customers prefer the various previews before they buy, so I have to use another vendor.  


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@BradHarperPhotography  Great idea! Pop over to our new ideas section and search to see is anyone else has posted it, and if they have, then vote it up! If you can’t find the idea, then click on Ask question/Start topic above, and choose the “idea” type of post. It will post your idea in the Ideas section of the community. You could also go to and click the “Submit an Idea” button. 

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@MKAYIMAGES The setting for showing your filename in the gallery is Gallery > Settings> Gallery > Show Filenames. You could also use the favorites tool to allow your clients to select their favorites instead of matching up. If you need more assistance, create a post of your own in “How do I, How do you?” and I’m sure ShootProofers would be happy to share how they handle client favorites. I don’t want your request for help to get lost in the comments on this announcement post 🙂

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A client questionnaire! 

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I would love more flashy website design options. I have to utilize two different companies right now. Shootproof for the gallery and client contact and Zenfolio for the website/ portfolio. 

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I would love scheduling integration.  And session questionnaires.  Either on your own or in conjunction with Acuity Scheduling with auto distribution.

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I love your excitement, @SamanthaEckhaus@StephanieJoyPhotography@AlishaDeCou, and @StephanieCosta!! Head over to the brand new Share Your Ideas section of the community to search for these ideas, vote them up, or post them if you can’t find them!


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