Fresh Updates in the Community!

  • 24 March 2021
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Fresh Updates in the Community!
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Hello friends, Megan the Community Manager here!


Based on your feedback, some changes are coming to the ShootProof Community. 

Beginning today, new categories will appear. Here’s how to use them:

Studio: Questions about Contacts, Email, Contracts, Colors & Logo, and ShootProof Homepage

Photo: Questions about Galleries, Mobile Apps, Music, Watermarks, Tools

Commerce: Questions about Orders, Payments ,Pricing, Invoices

Reports: Questions about all of the Reports found in the Reports tab


If you’re noticing that this mirrors the top menu in your ShootProof account, you are correct! Based on feedback from community members, we’re moving things around to make it easier to find answers to questions that have already been asked, and know where to post your questions. To make things even easier, tags will  be available for the specific topics - please add the relevant tags to your posts!


There will be 2 new sections as well:

COVID-19 Resources is becoming Business Resources, where you can find and share resources all around running a photography business

Open Discussion is a brand-new section, for any conversations that aren’t necessarily help with ShootProof or about business, but you want to share and discuss with other photographers.

Photography Referrals & Gigs is staying, as a place to find editors, second shooters, or other photographers to help out.


In case you missed it: Share Your Ideas was recently updated as well! You can read up on the new statuses and our commitments here:



Coming soon: User Groups! 


If you have any questions or feedback, leave it in the comments! 

4 replies

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Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the changes :)


Has the music issue been fixed for Apple computers????

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Hi @MelanieB ! No, it has not. It’s unfortunately tied into the security Apple added when they rolled out the latest iOS and Mac OS updates.  Apple is fabulous at security, so this is proving tricky to get around. If you’d like a refund for your music plan, email and they’ll get you squared away!


Shootproof is an awesome business tool.

Favian Mbonu


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