Image Distortion

  • 19 November 2020
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anyone know what would cause a file to display like this? It’s the only one in the gallery that did this. It looks fine on my computer, but ends up distorted when I upload it to the gallery.

I tried deleting the image from the gallery. Exporting it out of lightroom again and reuploading it. Same thing. I tried renaming it. Same thing.

2 replies

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Hi @lisarigdon 


That is definitely a strange issue. Here is what I would suggest, delete the file from your gallery, export a new copy from lightroom and rename the file, then upload the newly exported file that is using a different name. This will ensure the gallery thinks it is a completely different photo. You could also try viewing the photo from your gallery on a different device just to make sure it’s not a weird glitch in your cache.

Let me know if that works, I am curious to see if the problem gets resolved.


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Hi @Matt Specht!

I took your suggestion and it still didn’t fix the issue. I also checked it from another browser and another computer and it displayed the same there. So I edited the image directly in PS instead of using LR. Saved it as a JPEG, uploaded it and it’s fine. Super weird!

Thanks for the suggestion, because it got my wheels turning on how I may be able to work around it.


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