Order showing up under visitors who have not placed an order

  • 18 April 2021
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When looking a gallery visitor report and filtering uncer visitory who have placed an order, there is an order missing.  When filtering for visitors who have not placed an order, the missing order shows up.  Why is this?  I find this unexceptable.  I can’t be missing orders because of this issue.


3 replies

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Hi @Shawn Taylor! Do you work from your reports for processing orders, or from the Order overview? Does this order show up on the Orders page? I saw that you emailed into Support as well; they’ll be able to take a look into your account to help with troubleshooting, which I can’t do from here. Let me know what the answer is! 

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Most often I work off of the email’s that I receive confirming the order.  However, I like to cross-reference it with Shootproof so I don’t miss any mixed-in with other emails.  The issue apparently is that I usually click on the Visitors that placed an order option in the recent gallery activity pane of my dashboard. 

It turns out that because said customer also had an item in his cart, he didn’t show up as a visitor that placed an order, but rather as a visitor whom didn’t place an order.

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I just discovered that with this flaw, when I send an email to gallery members that have not placed an order, this customer that has placed an order will get that email also, which may cause confusion by the customer thinking that their order didn’t go through.


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