List of favorites with file numbers from multiple albums

  • 26 May 2021
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Is there any way for a gallery visitor report to show the file numbers for each visitor’s selected favorites? Currently that report shows that they’ve selected favorites and how many, but not file numbers. I have a gallery with multiple individual albums. The client in each album selects their favorite to be used for a sports banner. The only way I can identify these favorites is to individually look at the favorite on the visitor report. Including the file number in the visitors report would save a TON of time!

Anyone know of a workaround for this?

1 reply

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Hi @KarenSchroeder! This isn’t a setting you can turn on or off for the report. For what you’re doing, it looks like the easiest thing to  do would be to filter the gallery visitors report by the gallery, and open the different favorites. However, I would also share this experience over in Share Your Ideas and let other photographers chime in and up vote it. Our product team will see it over there!


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