How about a feature showing all sales and payments?

  • 15 January 2021
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Tax time is upon us again.  And I am still catching up from the end of the year logging all of my sales/invoices.  

I would love to see a Report with all sales and invoices in the same format as the monthly sales report.  That way, I could just log by month, rather than line by line.  Any chance this is coming in the future?  

5 replies

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Hi @AndreaDavis,

That sounds like an great idea! I would suggest checking out the Ideas! section of the community where you can browse through already submitted suggestions and Upvote the improvements you would like to see. If you don’t see a suggestion there already you can create one. Check out this topic on how to submit your own feature request.

Let me know if you have any questions!



I found that section after I posted this.  Others have made the same request and there is a generic answer saying people can vote.   There are only a couple of views and a couple of votes.  So my guess is they’re not very productive.   

Its a feature that every photographer running a legal business could benefit from.  Currently I am keeping my own log and it’s very time consuming.   If this is a feature you all will offer soon I’d like to know.  But it’s something I’m currently searching for to help me save time.  

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Hi @AndreaDavis

The response asking for photographers to vote is genuine :)  We truly want photographers to vote so that we can understand what is most requested. Our product team is currently solidifying the roadmap for this year, so I can’t confirm whether or not this is coming (I simply don’t know), but Share Your Ideas is monitored by our Product Managers! I really wish we could instantly implement so many amazing ideas that our photographers have, so I don’t envy the seemingly impossible task of determining which of the many requests our team is able to tackle. 

Thank you for making requests to keep helping us improve! 


I’ve been asking this for literal years.

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I’ve been asking this for literal years.

We are so appreciative of your patience. You can imagine we have a lot of folks asking us for a lot of things. Prioritizing those things doesn’t fall to me, but it’s a huge responsibility. Thank you for sticking with us! 


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