Product Update

Updated Lightroom Plugin: Choose Your Preset, Brand, and More!

Updated Lightroom Plugin: Choose Your Preset, Brand, and More!

Create your ShootProof galleries straight from Lightroom

This latest update includes some key upgrades like:

  •  Allowing you to choose from your ShootProof Gallery Presets when creating a gallery.
  • Introducing a new "Duplicate Gallery Structure" action. This is perfect for event and wedding photographers who have a lot of nested albums within a gallery.
  • Adding support for multiple brands. If you have multiple brands, you can now choose which brand a gallery should be associated with inside of Lightroom.
  • Updating the language in Lightroom to be more consistent with ShootProof, making it even easier to create galleries.

If you already have the plugin, updating to the latest version is easy! Simply open Lightroom and go to File > Plugin Manager and select the ShootProof Plugin. There you'll see the option to "Check For Updates Now". 

If you haven't used it before, you can download it here

And, if you have questions, check out the FAQ.


I am so excited for the updated plugin! GAME CHANGER! Thank you SP! 


One of my favorite things about Shootproof has been the ability have multiple brands.  I have a partnership with a local ESPN Affiliate Radio station covering High School Sports.  I had always hoped the lightroom plugin would get updated with the ability to choose what brand you were uploading a new Gallery or Album to.  Thanks for doing this, it will be a HUGE time saver for me, and I am sure a lot of my fellow photographers as well.

I cannot get my LR plugin to publish, I have tried restarting, changing default browers for authorisation etc and all the things I’ve read here and still nothing! HELP! 


“Could not contact the ShootProof web service (403). Please check your Internet connection.”


I have excellent internet, and unlimited fibre.

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