Two-Factor Authentication Is Here!

Two-Factor Authentication Is Here!

Great news! It’s easier than ever to keep your payouts, photos, and client data safe now that ShootProof supports two-factor authentication. Once enabled, this feature will add an extra layer of protection for your account beyond just a username and password. Anyone signing into your account will need to input a six-digit authentication code before gaining access — a code only you will have! You’ll be able to authenticate logins via:

  1. SMS (US only)
  2. An external authentication app, like Google Authenticator, Okta, or 1Password

Head to the Users & Permission section of your ShootProof account to activate two-factor authentication today! Have questions? Ask us here or head over to our Knowledge Base to read more.

Not working - Error Code is Invalid

Downloaded Google Authenticator 

Country: Australia

Browser: Chrome 

Hi Rebecca, 

Have you contacted support with this issue? It may be an issue with your phone or Google authenticator also - sometimes reinstalling it can help.

 - Edel 

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