Product Update

Q2 Roundup!

The ShootProof team spent this last quarter working on some fantastic features that we hope you're enjoying! In case you missed an important new feature, be sure to check your inbox for a fun roundup of all the Q2 releases. 🥳

But the work doesn't stop here - We're proud to share this roadmap of new features that we look forward to bringing you in Q3 and beyond. 🤩

I had missed this upgrade, so glad to hear!  I may start using SP more now!  I hope that you will also add regular prints soon, and some basic frames would be perfect (gold, white, black in small, medium, and wide widths).  

@Dave Anderson Frames would be amazing! Be sure to share that feedback in the Ideas section! What types of “regular prints” are you looking for? Are you not seeing print options in your price sheets?

The “Show in Room” feature is only available for canvas prints/wraps, if I read correctly.  I was wondering if that feature would also be available for regular dry-mounted E-surface prints, etc.  Seems like that would only be a minor tweak to the software.  Then, a few basic frames would be great, too, similar to what I can do in ProSelect. 

I haven’t tried the feature yet, so I may be missing something.  

Ah, I see what you mean 🙂 Yes, agreed - being able to see the images on prints would be great sales tool! I do believe that’s something that many people have voted for :fingers_crossed_tone1:  

@Karen  where do I opt in to get Shootproof email updates? My account may be so old that I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to get them!

Hey @Carrie Swails! Michael is sending you an email so you can opt in to our emails - Keep an eye out for it :)

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