Product Update

October 2020 Roundup!

Do you love fall 🍁? We do! And while the leaves may change, ShootProof remains steadfast in our commitment to bring you reliable tools to serve your business. Check out some of the work we did in October:

In your Studio Panel:

🙌We addressed some issues with the Events iPad app, making it easier for you to collect visitor information and populate it in your Gallery Visitor Report.

🥳When a Linked Contact digital rule was enabled, but a gallery didn't require an email address to enter, the Linked Contact would not see a download option. In galleries that have Linked Contact digital rules enabled, we now automatically turn on the email requirement in Gallery Settings, so that the Linked Contact is recognized and given the download option.

🎬In the Help Center, all video tutorials and ShootProof feature-specific webinars are now closed-captioned. We hope this update makes it easier for our hearing-impaired community to learn!


In Your Client Galleries: 

🤓We’ve updated the gallery “email address” and “password” field labels. In an effort to reduce client confusion, the field labels now read "Your Email Address" and "Gallery Password".






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