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Meet Your ShootProof Portfolio Website!

Meet Your ShootProof Portfolio Website!

A new-and-improved version of the Brand Homepage, the ShootProof Portfolio Website lets you build a simple photography website in seconds, no coding required!

Perfect for newer studios who don’t yet have a website and are looking to cut costs, it lets you showcase your work and connect with potential clients on the same platform you deliver and sell photos. 

What’s new? 

The evolution from “Brand Homepage” to “Portfolio Website” brings:

  • The ability to add intro text to your homepage
  • New options for displaying your social profiles
  • A new About Page (complete with photo!)
  • And a new Contact Page

Anything else?

  • Custom Branding  Make your portfolio website your own by using your studio’s logo, colors and fonts
  • Custom Subdomains  Display your Gallery photos as if they’re part of your existing website for the ultimate professional look
  • Centralize Operations  Showcase your work and connect with potential clients on the same platform you already deliver and sell your photos


Prefer a walk through?

Join us Thursday, June 30th for a 15-minute demo of these new features! Get the details and RSVP here >

Looks amazing!  I can’t make the 30th June run through, but I’ve signed up to watch the play back.

@JoBuckleyPhotography  Doesn’t it? 🙂 No worries - you can catch the replay anytime! 

 - Edel

Is the new portfolio site SEO friendly?

@JorgeSantiago It does get crawled and indexed like a regular web page/site - not necessarily the same level of SEO optimisation as traditional websites built on Wordpress or similar for example, but SEO is possible. 

 - Edel

I have some questions regarding the portfolio website. l'll number each question in this message. I have a domain; however, my website is still under construction. It will probably be ready in about 6 weeks. I'd like to use the Shootproof Portfolio Website as my exclusive website for the next few months if that is possible while the company I have contracted completes my website. If this is possible, please explain to me as if I'm a 5-year-old what I need to do! 1. Can I use the domain already created, but not used yet? At the current time, when one searches my website, they get a "Coming Soon" page 2. How can I use this domain if I can indeed use it? 3. What do I need from the company creating my website? 4. What do I need to send them? 5.How exactly is SEO possible as you mentioned in a message above in this thread?

I have nearly completed my Portfolio Website. It looks good. TY for the nice spread! I noticed that certain galleries have defaulted to it. This concerns me because I have model releases on some pictures in each gallery, but not all pictures. 6. How do you suggest that the galleries on the Portfolio Website only show images I have model releases for? 7. Should I make new galleries with only those images I have model releases for?  I realize that I can set my galleries to "public" or "private" in "settings".  Setting them to private is simple enough for expired galleries in order to keep them from showing up on the Portfolio Website. 8. Does it go back to question # 7 in order to ensure only images with model releases get shown? Set the rest to "private" in settings?

9. When someone fills out and submits their information on the Portfolio Website's Contact Page, where does it get sent to in order for me to get it? 10. Is it to the email I have in my Shootproof account settings?

10. Last of all, what is the link for the replay of the webinar for the Shootproof Portfolio Website?

Thanks, Adel or anyone else answering any or all of these 10 questions. I appreciate it!

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