Product Update

May 2021 Roundup!

They say April showers bring May flowers, but ShootProof is bringing you a new product update instead - no green thumb required! 🌺💐🌷


In your Client Galleries:

🤩Do your clients already use the "Favorites" feature? Now your Linked Contacts can easily send you an email notification when they've finished making their selections, eliminating back-and-forth emails. Save time and improve your customer experience using the new Favorites Notification feature!

In your Studio Panel:

💸 The deadline for US studios to switch from Legacy ShootProof Payments to the new ShootProof Pay has passed. If you aren’t using ShootProof Pay yet, head on over to Account > Accept Credit Cards to make the switch today, before your payments are disrupted!

Is it just me or is shootproof falling behind compared to other gallery option I get emails each month from pass and pictime with new updates that look really exciting website options slideshows album creators

@MeganHolmes Great question!!! I love the idea of slideshows much like Pictime just rolled out with :) 


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