Product Update

March 2021 Roundup!

Happy Spring!  In March, The ShootProof Team focused on tools to keep your business safe and profitable. Here are just a few highlights:

In your studio panel:

😎 The security of your images is paramount to the success of your business. That’s why Access & Privacy settings in new Galleries now defaults to “Private”. Don’t worry, you can always change the setting in your Gallery Preset if you prefer Public Galleries.

💸 A new payment processor is now available for all US studios! ShootProof Pay, powered by Stripe, makes it easy for your clients to pay through their Galleries and Invoices, and offers photographers new benefits, too:


In your client galleries:

🙌 Some studios let us know that they weren’t receiving notes their clients included at checkout. The team identified the issue and Notes at Checkout is again working as expected. 




So exciting! Thank you all for listening about payment payout availability! It was a nice surprise to see when logging into Shootproof today. It was very quick and easy to set up too! I’m glad I didn’t have to pull out my banking info from my filing to complete it. Good stuff!

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