Introducing: Custom Cards

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Introducing: Custom Cards

Your clients will love seeing their favorite photos brought to life on high-quality, custom greeting and holiday cards! 

Printed and fulfilled by White House Custom Colour, this highly requested product is a great way to make extra money this holiday season and beyond.

Read our latest blog post to learn all about selling custom cards, including how to market them to your clients 💸💸 Then go add cards to your WHCC price sheets! 

Don’t have one yet? Make one today!

This is great, but how can we add WHCC cards if we don’t want to switch from another lab? Would be great to apply TWO price sheets, or am I missing how this is done?

I was all excited about this, but unlike products from WHCC, the upsell feature is as a percentage and then it automatically applies that percentage to the “upgrades” of the cards, including actually choosing a paper type for the card to be printed on. So if we want a markup on the cards it increases every upgrade by that same percentage, which doesn’t make sense. :( 

Also, I agree--it would be great to be able to just add the cards to an existing pricing sheet, especially a self fulfilled one that I would otherwise have to replicate item by item (including descriptions and images and reformatting the copy and paste from the other price sheets).

Agree with everyone- this feature is awesome.  BUT…

We should be able to add to an existing lab price sheet and just these would ship from WHCC.


Allow us to “save” self fulfilled products already set up on a price sheet with description/photos/prices/shipping and transfer them to a new price sheet at a different lab.  We should also be able to copy packages from one sheet to another and then just adjust pricing to reflect that lab.  Same for terms of service, tax, price sheet settings etc.  Copy it all over and then let us adjust as needed.  It is a LOT of work to enter everything manually if you want to switch labs for the cards feature. 

Does this not work in Europe? I don’t see the lab when I’m creating a new pricing...

I’ve found an issue with adding cards to a WHCC price list. You cannot add a discount *just* for cards. I’d like to be able to offer a discount for multiple packs of cards purchased, but as it currently stands, I’d have to discount their entire cart. Please update discounts to include cards as an option. For automatic item discounts, BOGO, etc. 

Will you be offering something similar for UK shootproof users?


Why do we even have to have self -fulfilled price sheets. Can we have one price sheet with different item groups self fulfilled or from different labs. That way we can use various suppliers and set up the best products for our business brand.

I assume this is US only, like everything else that gets developed for Shootproof these days. Have to say I am seriously considering an alternative that is more UK-centric. Anyone got any recommendations?

I agree with several others up above - I don’t want to switch my existing price sheet in my galleries to cards - I want to offer cards in ADDITION to my existing offerings. I guess I’ll create a separate gallery just for cards (maybe this was the thinking behind this), but hey guys, that’s inconvenient at best and a real pain in the butt at worst. No hate, but maybe do a focus group or some more beta testing before you roll out a new feature. 

I use Miller’s, so my customers can’t buy cards from me unless I switch my entire price sheet to another vendor.  

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